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Water from Clean Green Power for EP

Ausker Energies have recently announced the development of a 100 MW wind farm on the coastline south of Elliston. This major infrastructure investment in Eyre Peninsula will provide
clean green renewable energy to over 50,000 households in this State. What's this got to do with water you might ask?

The Tod trunk main is 380 km from the Tod Reservoir (Knotts Hill) to Thevenard and with its numerous smaller reticulation mains, it is the aorta of life for the Eyre Peninsula. Within the Elliston District, and 39 km from the site of the Elliston Wind Farm is the Polda pump station which pumps Polda Basin underground water into the Tod main trunk via the Lock Booster Pump Station. Power for the Polda Pump Station comes from the electrical mains
substation co-located at the site.

Now, in order for the wind farms to supply electricity to the grid they are going to build a high voltage transmission line to the Polda Substation.

This creates the opportunity to construct a major Desalination plant in proximity of the wind farms, which could utilise the high voltage energy required to desalinate seawater. The desalinated seawater could be then pumped (through a supply main) along the the same corridor as the wind farm transmission line to Polda substation /pumpstation. It would then be pumped to the Lock Booster (through the Polda pipeline) which, as the Eyre regional booster, can supply all connections on the Todd Main.

By utilising existing pumping stations at Polda and Lock and with construction of a major seawater desalination plant next to the wind farms there is opportunity to supply all of Eyre Peninsulas needs both now and into the future.

The other bonus is the wind farms generate electricity through the day and could pump water at off peak times (its easier to store water than electricity).